Masters of the Arch
LRP Committee, Meets at 10:00am on the 4th
Thursday of each month in the Pyramid Masonic Center,
1700 S. 340th St., Federal Way, WA. All Cryptic Masons are welcome.
MIC Alfred J. Luberts, Jr. Chairman 253-777-6707 al.luberts@gmail.com

Tacoma #1 Spokane #4
5405 S.Puget Sound Ave., Tacoma 98409 4th Thursday in Spokane,
odd months, i.e. Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov 1108 W Riverside Ave.
at 7:30 PM with potluck at 6:30 PM. All York Rite bodies meet together.
Council opens February, May and Oct.
Illustrious Master: IC Dan Mulvihill Illustrious Master: IC Curly Werner
Recorder: MIC Michael A. Smitson Recorder: MIC Michael D. Holland
(253) 581-3571 mike.smitson@comcast.net (509) 951-4962 michael@pnwnet.net

Seattle #6 Zabud #7
Located in St. Andrews Masonic Center, at the Walla Walla Masonic Center,
505 S. Williams, Renton. 607 E Main Street. Walla Walla.
3rd Frid., even numbered months except Aug. Meets on the 2nd Wed of every month
Potluck dinner at 6:30 PM except June, July, and August at 7:30 pm.
with the stated meeting at 7:30 PM. Ritualistic opening mtgs are in Feb, May
& November at 7:30 PM.
Illustrious Master: IC Joey Romero Illustrious Master: IC Sean Scanlon
jrom959@yahoo.com sscanlon68@gmail.com
Recorder: VIC Jerry E. Whitney Recorder: VIC Phillip Woodland
(206) 241-7510 j.whitney@comcast.net (509) 529-3781 woodlandforest@charter.net

Everett #8 Naval #11
234 Olympic Blvd, Everett, Washington. Bremerton Masonic Temple 878 5th St..
1st Friday at Everett Masonic Center, 3rd Monday of each month
Council opens the second month of each quarter. Except May, July & Augus
Opens meeting in Feb, May, Aug, and Nov.
Research Chapter #68, Everett Council #8 and
Palestine Commandery meet jointly.
6:30 PM Potluck with the ladies, 7:30 meeting.
Illustrious Master: IC Vance Whippo Illustrious Master: VIC Rabi Peifer
vwhippo@hotmail.com rpeifer@yahoo.com
Recorder: VIC George Fischer Recorder: VIC Peter Dawson
(360) 403-1562 g.p.fischer53@gmail.com (360) 779-8219 etypebubba@aol.co

Bellingham #16 Adoniram #17
2nd Mon at the Maplewood Masonic Ctr, Greenwood Masonic Center
2626 Maplewood Ave, Bellingham. 7910 Greenwood Ave, North Seattle meets
Dinner at 6:30 PM. 7:30 PM stated. 3rd Friday in Sept., Nov., March and May.
Potluck dinner at 6:30 PM
Illustrious Master: IC Kyle Evanstad Illustrious Master: IC Jeffrey Hardin
kevevstad@gmail.com nicostratus@gmail.com
Recorder: IC Douglas Jerome Recorder: VIC David Flood
(360) 675-6796 d.jerome@frontier.com (206) 720-1560 floodtax@gmail.com

Crescent #18 Alpha #20
622 South Lincoln St., Port Angeles, with At the Centralia Masonic Temple,
Angeles Chapter #38 & Juan De Fuca Commandery #17. 218 N Pearl St. Box 100.
Meets on the 3rd Monday of each month First Wednesday of the off months
Meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Hosted dinner before OVs. except July and Aug. with Centralia Chapter #44.
Dark in December.
Illustrious Master: IC Dave Larson Illustrious Master: IC Ricardo Barrientes
noseyjoe@olypen.com Skrico@yorkrite.comcastbiz.net
Recorder: Theodore E. Shanks Recorder: IC Clayton LaVigne
(360) 582-0253 ual777boss@aol.com (360) 736-6140 masonicbarber@yahoo.com

Walter F. Meier #22 Zadok Council #23
Meets in Ashler Temple, Richland Masonic Temple,
10035 Main St., Bothell. Meets at 7:30 PM 412 Thayer Dr., Richland.
2nd Friday in January, March, September Rritualistic opening , 4th Wed. at 7:30 PM,
& November (1st Friday in May) with Feb, May, Aug, and Nov
potluck (main course provided) at 6:30 PM.
Illustrious Master: IC Robert Wallinger Illustrious Master: IC Russ Campbell
robert.wallinger@frontier.com russcampbell@charter.net
Recorder: IC Roger Pankey Recorder: MIC Floyd Snyder
pankeypickers@comcast.net flsnyder@charter.net

Ellensburg Council #26 King Solomon #27.
Meets at Ellensburg Masonic Temple, Located in King Solomon Masonic Temple,
111 W 6th Ave., in Ellensburg 10 Auburn Way South, Auburn.
on the 4th Thursday at 7:00 PM Third Saturday at 10 A.M.
except July, August and Federal holidays. Dark in the months of Nov. and December.
Illustrious Master: VIC Nick Henderson Illustrious Master: VIC Andy Olson
nickhenderson7557@gmail.com andy.j.olson@gmail.com
Recorder: C Marco Thompson Recorder: IC Loren Franz