The Annual Conclave of the Knights of the York Cross of Honour was opened at Noon April 14, 2018 by Eminent Prior James Larson with the following in their stations and places:

 Eminent Prior James H Larson Prelate Floyd Snyder
Deputy Prior Joesph W MacIntre Orator Gary Norton
Warder E Jeffrey Crain Herald Alexander Jordan
Registrar I Merle Iverson Sentinel Larry Byrd (ProTem)

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Distinguished Visitors were introduced in good form. The Distinguished Visitors included the Personal Representative & Right Puissant General Grand Recorder, General Grand Council Cryptic Masons, Bryan Bechler, Grand High Priest, Royal Arch Masons of Washington, Joseph MacIntyre, Grand Commander, Knights Templar of Washington, Paul Reckamp, the Grand Governor York Rite Colleges of Washington, Don Beck, and MWB William R Miller, Past Grand Master of Washington and Past Illustrious Grand Sovereign, Red Cross of Constantine.

The minutes of the October, 2017 meeting approved as posted on the WEB Site.

The Treasurer reported $34,576.41total Assets in Edward Jones, with $7,961.79 of that in the Money Market Cash account. The report was accepted by unanimous vote following a proper motion and second. Motions, with proper seconds and unanimous votes were taken on behalf of the following expenditures:
a. Pay the rent to the Host Temple Corporation: $60.00
b. Donate to Jim Stephens for the publication of the 2018-2018 roster: $500.00
c. Donate to Knights of the York Rite Cross of Honor Medical Research: $500.00

A Ceremony of Reception into the York Rite Cross of Honour for Douglas W Puckett was conducted with the following participating in addition to the Installed Officers:

        Blue Lodge Lecture Michael Holland
        Royal Arch Lecture Jeff Craig
        Council Lecture Floyd Snyder
        Commandery Lecture Merle Iverson

Following the ceremony, a warm welcome was extended to Knight Puckett and he was presented with his jewel, a lapel pin, his dues card, his name badge and a copy of the "Ceremonies".

The Committee of two (Craig & Iverson) reported on the need for a Bylaw change to wit:
change the first sentence in Section 3 to read:
        "A stated conclave of this Priory shall be called after the beginning of the Fiscal Year
         (July) and prior to the month of December."

The proposal was accepted and in accordance with the Bylaws will lay over until the next meeting where 2/3(or more) of the members present must vote in the affirmative.

The election of Officers for the period April 2018-March 2019 was then conducted. As all the current officers had express a desire to move up and their were no nomination from the floor, the following were elected by affirmative vote

        Prior* Joseph W MacInryre
        Deputy Prior* E Jeffrey Craig
        Warder Floyd Snyder
        Registrar* Merle Iverson
        Prelate Gary Norton
        Orator Alexander Jordan
        Herald Rabi Peifer
*Signatories on all financial accounts

Three Knights had made themselves available for the position of Sentinel: A written ballot was taken and Knight Michael Holland was elected to the position of Sentinel.

Personal Representative Bryan Bechler with the assistance of Past Prior Al Luberts, Jr conducted the Installation.

The next meeting and the Annual meeting in 2018 of Evergreen State Priory #41 will be conducted at a time place to be decided by newly installed Prior Joseph W MacIntyre.

Respectfully submitted

Ivan Merle Iverson

I Merle Iverson, Registrar